Coach Kirsty’s August quiz

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This month we’re delving into our Coaches’ daily schedules and asking them to share how they manage to cram in work and training and study and (most importantly) eating!

Here’s a glimpse into a ‘normal’ day in my life!

Wake at 6.30am – drink hot water with lemon (yes this really does help liver function and it tastes nice!)

Yoga for 10 mins – sometimes I have to drag myself onto my mat but the discipline of dedicating just 10 minutes to breathe and stretch makes my body feel 100% better for the day ahead – I use this site for easy to follow videos .

I need to eat within about 20 mins of getting up and breakfast will typically be protein based – eggs, avocado, spinach are all solid favourites. Sprinkled with chia seeds, of course.

Then I am straight out the door to work. Recently this has been taking me to Brighton, London and even Newcastle each day so that morning yoga is even more important to counter the commute. If I am on the tube, I never sit. I always challenge myself to maintain a freestanding combat stance – extra training, right?! When commuting I always take my Kindle to use the time productively. My current read is The Woman Code by Alisa Vitti – a must for all you women!

At the moment my training is all taking place in the evenings but when I can, I get it in during the day as I find it really energising.

I’ll typically eat twice more through the day before dinner, once around 11 which is usually a snack of nuts and the other around 1.30pm, which is typically a homemade salad with protein and lots of veg. I’ve been ‘growing my own’ recently so meal times are fresh, tasty and colourful!

Evenings are packed with training myself at the gym or Jiu Jitsu and supporting my clients with their training and nutrition goals. This often means eating late, which is something I would like to change.

I also dedicate an hour a day to study. I am currently completing a GP referral Diploma, and as soon as I have finished that it’s Level 4 Nutrition for Sport. Continuously developing my knowledge is super important to me.
I don’t watch much TV and certainly not at night.

Most days I hit a wall somewhere between 10pm-midnight and that’s me done… zzzzzzzzzz

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