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Squats are up there among the absolute best exercises you can do.

They encourage functional balance and stability, they are an extremely time-efficient fat-burning tool, and because they are neurologically demanding, they promote the release of growth hormone throughout the entire body – essential for the development of lean, toned tissue.

Squats are, quite simply, awesome, and you should do them.

BUT…you should always do them with the CORRECT FORM! Instabilities in your knees or hips can make it difficult to recruit the correct muscles needed to squat to your full potential.

Our simple tip to get the most from this outstanding exercise is to perform a Leg Curl or Glute Ham Raise BEFORE you squat. These flexion posterior chain exercises will enhance blood flow to your hamstrings, which helps to stabilise both your knees and your hips, giving you a lower risk of injury and enabling you to squat more.

Get squatting!

Alex & Martin x

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