Training for summer: Coach Will

Our latest SCI blogs see our Coaches lifting the lid on their training programmes and goals. At this time of year there are events and competitions galore, and many of us – members and Coaches alike – are ramping up training frequency and intensity. Coach Will shares his hints and techni...


Coach Will now based at The SCI

At The SCI we’ve hand-picked our team for their knowledge, passion, and dedication towards our shared goal of improving the health of every single person who walks into our building. We’re delighted to announce that Coach Will has joined the team on a more regular basis. Will has always had a keen i...


Coach Will’s November Quiz

We’ve stepped into a whole new season, so it’s a perfect time to quiz our Coaches on how they train in winter, what gets them outdoors despite the (frequent) cold and wet, and their essential items for winter survival! Next up to face our November quiz is Coach Will: What’s your bi...


Coach Will’s Autumn Survival Tips

After a warm weekend it has definitely turned a bit cooler today, and the chilly start is certainly more typical of the season. In colder temperatures a horizontal position in front of the TV can be very tempting of an evening, so our Coaches have put together their top tips to keep you active and h...


On the run with Coach Will

The only competitive distance runs I have done are 10k trail runs. The most recent is the Bedgebury 10k which has a tough mixture of terrains, elevations and descents. I find trail running a lot more exciting due to the challenging environment and amazing scenery you get when you run off road! The l...


Coach Will’s August quiz

Coach Will guides us through a typical day from dawn to dusk! I’m usually up and about between 6-6.30am, and I start my day with a hot water with freshly squeezed lemon. Great for re-hydrating after a nights sleep. If I feel brave I will get up 30 minutes earlier and do a sprint session in the...


Coach Will’s July quiz

As it’s holiday season, we’re asking our Coaches to share their health and fitness travel tips, and a kit-free workout you can take away with you this summer! This week Coach Will is in the spotlight:   Q: What health/fitness essentials go in your suitcase for holidays?   A: My...


Food focus: coach will’s smoothie recipe

Following our May #fridgeselfie series, we’re keeping things in the kitchen and sharing our Coaches’ favourite smoothie recipes this month. If you’re recently joined the NutriBullet brigade, this will inspire you! First up this month is Coach Will’s “Purple Power”...


food focus: Coach Will’s fridge selfie

Welcome to Coach Will’s well-stocked post-holiday fridge! Here are some of my staples: 1. Yeo Valley​ Greek yoghurt. Great for mixing in with almond butter as a pre workout or late night snack. 2. Eggs. A fantastic and quick source of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals so I always have a big...


Coach Will’s April Quiz

Catch up with Coach Will and find out about his fascination for travelling downhill at 100mph, and why you should hide and secure any nut butters if he’s in the area! Q: Do you include outdoor sport into your routine in spring/summer? A: I love the outdoors, the summer is a perfect way for me...


Coach Will’s March Quiz

It’s Coach Will’s turn to face our March quiz! Find out what magic ingredients our Nutribullet maestro uses post-workout… Q: Your favourite conditioning exercise? A: Has to be pushing the prowler, it hits all the right spots in a short period of time! Q: Favourite post-workout snac...

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