Stay supple this summer

Wearing different footwear or walking barefoot on a beach for example can cause tightness in the calf muscles. A stretch to prevent this is to face a wall with one foot in front, keeping both pointing towards the wall. Ensure the heel of the back foot is fixed on the ground and lean in towards the w...


All ok underfoot?

Pain on the underside of the foot or the heel is a common problem, known as plantar fasciitis. Pain killers can help but a better solution could be to check whether any tightness exists with the calves or the achilles tendon. Use of a foam roller can help with this problem, as can specific stretches...


Should you apply ice or heat to an injury?

Generally once a problem or an injury has occurred, ice should be applied initially to the area (or a bag of peas from the freezer) as this will act as both a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory to slow down or try to prevent any potential swelling. Never apply ice directly to the skin, always wrap...

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Alex Shoebridge - Director & Head Coach

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