Premium Group Transformation Course (Induction session)
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Premium Group Transformation Course (Induction session)

  • 09 February 2019
  • 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm
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Premium Group Transformation Course. 

We’re inviting an exclusive group of just eight participants to start together, join early morning semi-private training sessions (as well as solo training should they wish), and be guided through an exciting body transformation with support from our experienced team and access to our ground-breaking SCI Smart Coach portal. At each of your weekday early morning training sessions, you’ll receive a ready-to-go healthy breakfast to give you the very best start to the day ahead!

It’s the best way to blend expert advice from our Coaches, 24/7 online support and the motivation that comes from training in a group environment.

Click to see full details of the schedule and what’s included.


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  • Limits:
    8 participants
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"I’ve got a huge passion for training and learning. One is useless without the other. Martin and I both started fitness careers in our teens, and have learnt every single day. We’re proud to bring this together to create no ordinary gym."

Alex Shoebridge - Director & Head Coach

"I’ve been at the heart of the fitness industry for 15 years and am so excited to be able to offer the best of everything I’ve learned. Alex and I are dedicated to improving the health of every single person who walks into The SCI."

Martin Shyvers - Director & Head Coach

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