NEW GROUP TRAINING: Saturday Session

Join the UK’s top functional training gym for a top functional training session 8.30-9.30am every Saturday morning!   We’ll be using our 800 sq ft conditioning area for 60 minutes of interval and resistance training. This will include a warm up and cool down, and will use some of the great kit...


Coach Will now based at The SCI

At The SCI we’ve hand-picked our team for their knowledge, passion, and dedication towards our shared goal of improving the health of every single person who walks into our building. We’re delighted to announce that Coach Will has joined the team on a more regular basis. Will has always had a keen i...


TWFC Take On The Prowler

It was great to host 14 members of TWFC with their manager Jason Bourne for a tough training session this week. That astro puts up some serious resistance against the prowler, so these guys were certainly putting their all into it. Watch the quick video snippet to see the players in action!


Smashing the Stereotypes

The old stereotypes have guys growling and flexing in the free weights area, and women working out within the cardio section, and maybe making the odd foray into the weights section to pick up a set of tiny dumbbells. But this has changed, and more and more women are catching on to the serious benef...


On the run with Coach Kirsty

My longest race to date is the Great South Run, which is 10 miles and takes place in Portsmouth. It’s important to get the miles in when training for a race but in order to improve your time then sprints are possibly the best addition to your training. Try 6 x 20 second sprints 2x weekly during your...


Coach Kirsty’s March Quiz

Coach Kirsty is first up against our March quiz! Discover her top tip for instant badass-ness (is that a thing?!) in the gym… Q: Your favourite conditioning exercise? A: Tyre flips up and down the SCI garage! It’s so effective to condition the whole body, lots of fun and you look pretty...


Head Coach Martin’s February Quiz

Q: The exercise you have a love-hate relationship with? A: Prowler … I love it because it is so good for conditioning. I hate it because it hurts like absolute hell! Q: Do you grab lunch on the go, or prep ahead? A: A bit of both. If possible I like to prep as it is normally cheaper and you...


Coach Will’s March Quiz

It’s Coach Will’s turn to face our March quiz! Find out what magic ingredients our Nutribullet maestro uses post-workout… Q: Your favourite conditioning exercise? A: Has to be pushing the prowler, it hits all the right spots in a short period of time! Q: Favourite post-workout snac...


Coach Craig’s March Quiz

Coach Craig is well on track for his 2015 goals … Find out what progress he’s making in his latest quickfire quiz: Q: Your favourite conditioning exercise? A: Definitely tire and sledge hammer! It’s best when you get the great sound to come out when you hit it just right – yo...

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"I’ve got a huge passion for training and learning. One is useless without the other. Martin and I both started fitness careers in our teens, and have learnt every single day. We’re proud to bring this together to create no ordinary gym."

Alex Shoebridge - Director & Head Coach

"I’ve been at the heart of the fitness industry for 15 years and am so excited to be able to offer the best of everything I’ve learned. Alex and I are dedicated to improving the health of every single person who walks into The SCI."

Martin Shyvers - Director & Head Coach

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