Podcast 10: The Bloopers Reel

To celebrate reaching our tenth podcast we've put together a little treat for you - a reel of all the best outtakes and bloopers from our recording sessions over the past few months. We hope you have as much fun listening as we had making it!


Podcast 9: Myth Busting, Health & Fitness Edition

Are celebrity plans the right way to transform my body? Do I need the latest fitness gadget? Is the most extreme plan the most successful? How do I make the changes I want to see? Our Head Coaches tackle these important questions and more - let's bust some myths!


Podcast 1: Macros / IF / Intensity

The first Strength & Conditioning Podcast covers training and nutrition essentials. National Level Strength & Conditioning Coaches Alex Shoebridge and Martin Shyvers give a whistlestop tour of macros, break down the myths about the fasting trend - including why the 5:2 diet...

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"I’ve got a huge passion for training and learning. One is useless without the other. Martin and I both started fitness careers in our teens, and have learnt every single day. We’re proud to bring this together to create no ordinary gym."

Alex Shoebridge - Director & Head Coach

"I’ve been at the heart of the fitness industry for 15 years and am so excited to be able to offer the best of everything I’ve learned. Alex and I are dedicated to improving the health of every single person who walks into The SCI."

Martin Shyvers - Director & Head Coach

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